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About K A P S                              

We, K A P S & CO are a leading firm of Chartered Accountants (Indian CPA's) since 2001located in New Delhi i.e. the capital of the "Republic of India" rendering comprehensive professional services which include Independent Audit & Assurance, Internal Audit, Accounting & Corporate Support, Outsourcing Activities, Legal Support, Management Consulting, Tax Consultancy, Tax Audit, and Advice on Indirect Taxes.

At K A P S, we know an organization is more than its bottom line. And we know that facts and figures alone may depict a company's financial success, but not necessarily its character or personal philosophies.

K A P S Philosophy !

At K A P S, we believes and practice "Vedas" means "knowledge" and "Science" "You are pure and perfect and what you called sins does not belongs to you, sins are the low degree of self manifestation, manifest yourself in the high degree. That is only thing to remember, all of us can do that, never say no never say I can not, for you are infinite even time and space are nothing compared to your nature; you can do anything and everything. You are almighty yourself” -VEDAS

Core Team

K A P S & CO team includes Qualified Chartered Accountants, semi qualified accounting professional and audit assistants, having adequate knowledge and experience of clients domain. Apart from that our firm is associated with a group of veteran and young breed of Chartered Accountants, Advocates and Financial Consultants, having exposures at various levels in Industry and practices, which provide us advices on various complex and innovative issues.
Firm Details:

   Date of Establishment                        ::  18/06/2001
   Firm Registration No (ICAI)                ::  021912N
RBI Registration No (Bank Audit)        ::  893698
   CAG Empanelment No (PSU Audit)      ::  N2359
   Trade Mark Registry Code No.             ::  6331